Make a splash!


Our Waterfront is an extremely busy place, especially on a hot summer day! Campers can choose to take a dip in the pool, conquer the Aquapark, take a ride on a jet ski or get into an exciting game of Beach Volleyball. American Red Cross instruction is offered daily to our younger campers.

An Aquapark at Camp Nesher.

A camper jumping.


Of all our summer camp water activities, the Aquapark is one of our favorites because it’s focused solely on having the best time ever! Explore our inflatable challenge course featuring the Trampoline, the I-HOP jumping pads, the 20ft Parkway ramp, the Lugeback cliffhanger ledge, the Kickback ladder bridge, and to top it off, The Anvil, a 10ft jumping tower.


What could be better than being out on an inflatable tube with a group of your best friends while our jet boat tows you along Camp Nesher’s lakefront? It’s a rush like no other!

A camper canoeing.

Canoes, Kayaks, Sailboats, and Paddleboards

Perfect your boating skills by learning the techniques of various personal watercrafts. The peacefulness you’ll find out on the water is just one reason you’ll love these activities.

Two campers at a swimming pool.

Swimming Pool

Our pool further enhances our waterfront program by offering recreational swim options. Campers in Eidah Alef (entering 3rd-5th grader) also receive daily swim instruction, while older campers can request it.

Three campers riding a jet ski.


There is no greater thrill than riding on the back of a jet-ski. With the wind rushing through your hair, make sure you hold on tight as you maneuver tight bends and bounce over rippling waves.

Beach Volleyball

Nestled by the shore of Nesher’s lake is our very own beach volleyball court. Find a group of friends and serve up a match of sets, bumps, and spikes.

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