Nesher Kesher

Nesher Kesher (Definition): A unique bond shared exclusively between those who, at any time, have called Camp Nesher “home” or those who might have never attended themselves but have a meaningful connection with someone who did.

Close your eyes and let your mind wander, back to a time when life felt…simpler. When “Let’s bus!”, “Stop and scoop!” and “Shabbat party in a bag” were common refrains. When opening nights consisted of Jeff’s classic “Bear” speech followed by an always-stellar staff choir performance and, more recently, Johnny “pumping” up the crowd. When nothing…NOTHING in the world came close to the feeling of finding the Chai, running in the Apache Relay or winning Color War. We hung out at the picnic benches under the trees, sang with Rabbi Besser, caught the shuttle to Como Pizza and waited by the porch for an available phone or later a precious Wi-Fi signal.

With our 30th anniversary practically around the corner, please join our association comprised exclusively of Camp Nesher Alumni and Friends, the Nesher Kesher. Reconnect with old friends, dust off those memories and come together to create a meaningful network, all surrounding a special time and unique place that, no doubt, had a profound impact and played a significant role in helping to guide and shape us into the people we would ultimately become.

Welcome home!

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