Discover Camp Nesher
A Day in the Life

Discover Camp Nesher

At Camp Nesher, each new day brings more to learn, see, and experience. Our time in the sun is filled with athletics, water activities, and unforgettable programs, all wrapped in a special ruach that permeates throughout camp.

7:25am Wake Up and MifkadIt’s time to get up and start our day! Mifkad (line-up) at the flagpole includes raising both the American and Israeli flags followed by the recitation of both the Pledge of Allegiance and Hatikvah. It's also a great time for daily announcements, sharing sports scores, and birthday wishes!
8:00am Tefillat ShacharitYounger campers participate in an age-appropriate tefillah while older Eidot daven together in the Beit Knesset.
8:50am Breakfast The best meal of the day! Campers sit by bunk with their counselors in the Chadar Ochel as they enjoy breakfast served cafeteria-style. The menu changes daily, but always features both hot and cold selections including fresh fruit.
9:25am Nikayon (Clean Up)Campers and staff return to their bunks to clean. While our housekeeping staff sanitize the bathrooms, our campers make their beds, tidy their personal spaces, and rotate through bunk-wide chores.
10:00am - 12:30pm Morning Activity Periods Time to get moving! Campers participate in intramural leagues, choice-based electives, chinuch, waterfront activities, and individual sports during these periods.
12:40pm LunchExcept for Shabbat, lunches are generally dairy meals including a salad bar.
1:15pm Wildcard (aka Free Period)Wildcard can include choir or play practice, free time on the courts, writing, or just hanging out with friends at the picnic benches.
2:00pm - 6:30pm Afternoon Activity Periods plus Canteen Canteen time is a great opportunity to enjoy a snack while reading emails or snail mail.
6:30pm DinnerDinners are generally meat meals including a salad bar.
Post Dinner: Tefillat Mincha, Night Activity, Tefillat Maariv, and Night Snack The fun doesn’t end when the sun goes down! Pool parties, campfires, or campers vs. counselors Capture the Flag, are just a few of the amazing night activities that happen on any given evening.
9:15pm - 11:00pm Wind DownCampers head back to their bunks to shower and chill with their counselors to wind down after another awesome Camp Nesher day. Bed times vary for the various age groups. Layla tov!

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