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Camper Handbook

Our Camper Handbook contains everything you need to know to prepare for this upcoming summer! Ranging from contact information to mail guidelines, consider the Camper Handbook your cheat sheet to camp!

Packing List

Not sure how to pack your camper for this summer? We’ve got you covered. Click this link for our suggested list of items.

Registration & Forms

Why wait? Click here to sign your child up for the summer of their lifetime! Already registered? Well then, begin filling out your required forms so that you can enjoy the last few weeks before camp without having to worry about paperwork!

Camp Gear

From sweatshirts to pillows and everything in between. Get your required camp gear and more at the link provided!

Luggage Shipping

We offer a variety of options to get our campers’ luggage to camp! Baggage can be dropped off with your child on their first day of camp, or you can ship it over in advance! UPS, FedEx, and are all options but you can also use Camp Trunk Delivery to organize a pickup directly from your home. Please note that only small carry-on bags are permitted on our buses for those utilizing bus transportation to get to camp.


If your child takes daily medication you must register with J Drugs here. All medications including vitamins must be sent in a blister-pack calendar card. No gummy medications of any kind are permitted. Please note that inhalers, Epi-Pens, and Growth Hormone shots DO NOT need to be ordered through J Drugs.

Email & Photos

Wondering how to stay up to date and in touch with your child throughout their summer? Head to the Campanion app to view our daily photos and to send emails. Please note that emails and photos are printed and published daily except for Shabbat.