What does the daily schedule look like?

Check out the Daily Schedule for detailed information.

How does my child choose activities?

Every two days, campers will be given the opportunity to choose 2 -3 new activities, depending on their Eidah.  We encourage campers to try new things, but also allow them to repeat activities they really enjoy.

How are campers bunked for the summer?

Campers are grouped in bunks by grade and session and are able to make up to two bunk requests if they choose. We use these requests as tools when going through the bunking process, with priority given to reciprocal requests. We always do our very best to accommodate at least one request. Top or bottom bunk preference can also be noted.

Are there choices offered at mealtimes?

Yes. In addition to the main meal, there is a salad bar, bread, pb&j, pasta and fruit offered at lunch and dinner. Our Camp Mother is always there to help campers who need a little bit of extra attention in this area.

Can you accommodate my child’s special food needs?

We are very sensitive to the various special food needs that many of our campers present. We are nut sensitive, offer gluten free for our campers who require it, and have various non-lactose or non-dairy milk options. We also offer a vegetarian option at meat meals.

Do you have a doctor in camp?

We have a doctor and registered nurses in camp at all times. Our overnight health center is staffed 24 hours a day.

Do you offer Bar Mitzvah lessons and other tutoring?

Yes. Please email us and let us know specifically what your needs are in this area. Our Educational Director will be in touch with you at the start of camp to go over details including who will be tutoring your camper, how often and the costs involved.

How does the laundry work?

Laundry is done once a week at our onsite laundry facility – counselors help their campers move laundry from their own bags into larger bunk laundry bags.

Please label every item of clothing with your child’s full name.

Do you provide a suggested packing list for the summer?

Once registered, you gain access to many online forms including the camp packing list. Please ensure you clearly label all of your camper’s belongings.

How do campers get to camp?

There is busing offered from various points in the NY/NJ area including a pickup at Newark’s Liberty Airport as well as points beyond. Please check with us to see if transportation is offered from your area. Campers are encouraged to use camp transportation whenever it is offered.

How do I get my child’s luggage to and from camp?

If you live in the tri-state NY/NJ/CT area and parts of Pennsylvania, baggage can be picked up from your home and brought directly to camp via Camp Trunk Delivery, a camp baggage trucking service (information is available after registration). You can also arrange with UPS or FedEX to ship bags to camp. Luggage may be driven to camp and dropped off prior to the start of camp or brought on opening day with your camper.

Only hand luggage may go on the bus with the campers.


How do I keep in touch with my child once they are at camp?

You, your family members and friends can go to our camp web site to email campers using our easy web form.  The email system will open on the first day of camp.  Campers also enjoy letters sent by US mail. Please call us in advance of sending any packages; otherwise, you risk them being refused and returned to sender for security purposes. Also, please note that food packages are never allowed and that every package will be opened in the presence of your camper and all food removed.

Campers are encouraged to write letters several times per week. Please send them with self-addressed stamped envelopes to help with that process.


Where is Camp Nesher located?

Camp Nesher is located in the Northeast Pocono Mountains at 90 Woods Road, Lakewood, PA 18439

International Campers – What airports can my camper fly into?

Once your child is registered, please contact us regarding flights and times before making any arrangements. Flight arrangements should be made through Newark Liberty International Airport.

Our staff meet and greet campers upon arrival and bring them to camp.  For the return flight, we bring campers to the aiport, and if permitted by security, accompany them to the gate.  Our staff does not leave the airport until the plane has departed.  We give parents an emergency contact number and procedures to follow in case of unexpected delays.

International Campers – Do you provide linens for international campers?

Yes, we provide our international campers with bed linens (sheets, blankets, pillow, pillow case) for use during the summer. Please be sure to label all clothing and items you send to camp with the camper’s first and last name.

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