Susie Fishbein Discusses New Culinary Arts Camp

Susie Fishbein, Kosher By Design series author and Jeff Braverman, Camp Nesher Director, are guests on  Naomi Nachman’s weekly program on the Nahum Segal Network, Table 4 Two. Enjoy the discusson about the Susie Fishbein and Friends Culinary Institute at Camp Shoshanim and Camp Nesher (15:30).   Susie Fishbein is working with Camp Nesher and Camp Shoshanim to create a Kosher Culinary Arts camp.  The new state-of-the-art instructional facility is being built from the bottom up — all stainless steel and fully equipped.  Today’s kids have grown up with the Cooking Channel and the Culinary Institute will provide them with lifelong cooking skills, and even help some to achive their aspirations to be Kosher chefs.   Campers will learn cooking techniques – beginning with the basic and progressing:  how to hold a knife, set up a station, how does yeast behave, making pasta dough from scratch, making sushi.   Susie Fishbein will be instructing during three weeks of the summer.  Naomi Nachaman, the Aussie Gourmet and Paula Shoyer, the Kosher Baker will be instructing during additional weeks of the program.

We have a Culinary Arts Camp program just for your child (click on the camp link below for more info or to sign up)

All Girls Orthodox at Camp Shoshanim

Co-ed Modern Orthodox at Camp Nesher

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